Keep your Tesla Y looking as pristine as the day you drove it off the lot with our Tesla Y Large Precut Paint Protection Film Package. Specially designed for your Tesla Model Y, this package includes pre-cut sections designed to fit perfectly on your vehicle's most vulnerable areas. Made with high-quality, transparent film, this protection package is virtually invisible and provides a powerful barrier against scratches, stone chips, and everyday road debris. Easy to apply and long-lasting, it's the ultimate shield for maintaining your Tesla's flawless finish.

$1200 $1850-35.14%
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What is included in this package:
1: Side fenders L&R
2: Hood
3: Side mirrors L&R
4: Headlights L&R
5: Full doors L&R (Front&Rear)
6: A pillar L&R
7: Rear Top hatch (U)
8: Rear Trunk door face logo
9: Rear center trunk door
10: Front bumper
11: Rear bumper
12: Rear side fenders L&R
What is the benefit of our Paint Protection film:
1: Anti Yellowing
2: Self-Healing
3: UV Protection