13 Jul

Hello Today I will show you how to remove the engine cover of mclaren 570GT for any reason ! you can't find at any blog or web site ,step by step by detail picture I'm gonna show you,I just remove to installation the carbon fiber spoiler ,
1: Remove the lower hatch shock only easy on the shock section have lock for remove just with flat scow driver pull out make sure with 2 person one hold the hatch another person remove the shock or if you have something like cover such as my idea pull around the hatch to make sure no fall, 

to get the video also you can click my link as well for detail information


2: and with stick plastic tool remove the tailgate plastic and pull up to separate

3:under that cover have break LED light connection just remove that connection

4: pull out the wires of break led 

5: after that 2 screw in center of cover and 2 screw site of cover you have to remove 4 quantity to remove 

6: under the cover in middle section as you seen in the picture 2 screws left and right show be remove that's all  

and then cut the side vent mesh as you seen in the picture make sure don't cut to much just a little to install the wing

7: remove 2 screws top left for installation wing and lower section the same as pictures

8: as I told you cut this section mesh not to much enough for installation spoiler 

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