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We are playing now such a beautiful Track from Softwave 2021 enjoyWho is SoftWave?With support of notable synth musicians (ex Human League, Visage and Gary Numan members), OMD and  Erasure’s Andy Bell the future of SoftWave looks promising. SoftWave is an unsigned Danish synthpop duo established in 2014. After 2 years of hard work they released their debutEP ‘Together Alone’ (2016) followed by ‘Together Alone The Remixes’ (2017) without any knowledge about the music  industry and with huge ambitions of becoming a popular synth-pop duo in Denmark and abroad. After the release of SoftWave’s debut album ‘Game On’ it was charted as TOP15 best album and hereby it became a  great success • 10/10 rating by NightrideFM (USA) • 7/10 rating by Side-Line-Magazine (BE) "The Danish duo of SoftWave has crafted pure synthpop bliss on their newest LP, Game On... Not only does it work, I  feel as if it stands head and shoulders with the likes of Erasure, OMD, and the Human League." - NightrideFM (USA) ‘Something is Missing’ (single, ‘Game On’, 2019) was licensed to ZYX Music (2019) and has been in rotation at the  Danish National Radio (DR “P4 Aften”) and several international radio stations. The single was also playlisted by OMD  on Spotify, TOP charted by German Electronic Web Chart (GEWC) and Club 80s as no.1 most played song. After touring with the million selling electronic pioneers OMD on the Scandinavian leg of their “Greatest Hits – Souvenir  Tour” (feb, 2020), SoftWave was invited by Erasure’s Andy Bell to produce remixes for his forthcoming Andy Bell is  Torsten project ‘Club Torsten!’ among Vince Clarke, Bronski Beat and more (LP releases Feb 5th, 2021). Read more: Andy Bell: Club Torsten! Limited Edition Pink Vinyl LP - Cherry Red Records In 2021 the 2nd SoftWave album will be released followed by a tourPress release Artist: SoftWave Single: System Failure Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/softwave-1/system-failure_teaser/s-VlfQDjZpCvY Release on Bandcamp and Beatify Audio: June 11, 2021 Release on all other digital platforms: June 18, 2021 Music video release on YouTube: June 24, 2021 A failure appeared right after SoftWave reached the pinnacle of their career thus far, touring with OMD  (February 2020). The government’s new system of lockdowns and several restrictions pulled SoftWave  away from their daily routine, deadlines, playing gigs and other immediate future plans.  But nothing can get in the way of SoftWave: Jerry kept on producing new music and Catrine observed how  the Covid19 crisis affected people mentally around the world, which inspired her to write lyrics to the  forthcoming new single "System Failure". Some people have been struggling to accept the new normal and  others simply chose to go with the stream. "System Failure" describes the duality of being isolated in many  months without associating with others, and how much life with a computer can disturb the mind and even  provoke frustration, depression and in rare cases – anger. The single seeks to show how important it is to maintain a permanent balance, a harmony between  connecting with other people via a computer – and actually socializing in physical form.  A contrast between the modern and traditional way of communication, for lack of better wording. For the first time ever SoftWave has included vocoded vocals by Jerry, to emphasize how much certain people live their lives through a computer – and almost communicate to the world with it.  The new single is followed by a music video that takes the song’s message to a higher level, reinforced by a Nordic and electric “popish energy”, delivered by the Danish synthpop duo you may know as SoftWave.SoftWave (Catrine Christensen & Jerry Olsen) www.softwavemusic.com contact@softwavemusic.com Credits “System Failure” Music: SoftWave Composition, synths and vocoder voice: Jerry Olsen Vocal and lyrics: Catrine Christensen Mix and mastering: Jacob Cederberg (Sacki Production) Graphic design & cover art: Juan D Barragan Distribution (Beatify Audio & Bandcamp): SoftWave Distribution (all other digital platforms): T/A/P/E Sound (Two Associates Production & Entertainment) Discography 2021 – “System Failure”, digital 2021 – Exclusive SoftWave Electro-Noir Remix of “Lead Me” & “Society Society”, Andy Bell Is Torsten, “Club  Torsten!” *Official UK Charts, SFE via Cherry Red Records, LP 2021 – “Electropop 18” (compilation), Conzoom Records, CD 2020 – “Cold Hands Seduction vol.222”, Sonic Seducer Magazine, CD 2020 – “Game On 1Up (remix compilation + BONUS TRACK), Electro-Shock-Records, CD 2020 – “Souvenir” (OMD cover), digital 2019 – “Game On 1Up” (remix compilation), digital 2019 – “Italo Disco New Generation vol.15” (compilation), ZYX Music, CD 2019 – “Electropop 15” (compilation), Conzoom Records, CD 2019 – “Game On” (debut album), vinyl+CD+digital 2018 – “Electropop 12” (compilation), Conzoom Records, CD 2017 – “Danish Electro vol.1” (compilation), Læbel, CD+digital 2017 – “Together Alone The Remixes” (remix compilation), digital 2016 – Welle:Erdball "XX" (Fanclub – compilation), CD 2016 – “Together Alone” (debut EP), digital------------------------------------------------------This is new song historySystem Failure Are you serious? Your anger’s like a “tik tok” ticking bomb  A self destructive mind  With a crack in your eyes CPU failure – it overloads your system! System failure – makes you angry  System failure – and complaining Re-start and synchronize In harmony  Are you too scared? You’ve installed a big lock on your door Hiding from the outside world Without getting hurt You fear you fear the wired connections Hurry up n’ log me into your system Or you will forever be disconnected by your unstable actions Cool down your temper – it overheats your system! System failure – makes you angry  System failure – and complaining Re-start and synchronize in harmony // System failure – makes you angry  System failure – and complaining Re-start and synchronize in harmony Sooner or later we will synchronize forever Sharing memories Good n’ bad dreams  Stop logging me out of your system Stop logging me out of your system (system) stop logging me out (failure) Stop logging me out of your system (system) stop logging me out (failure) System failure – makes you angry  System failure – and complaining Re-start and synchronize in harmony

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