Tesla Y panels paint protection film is a high-quality and durable protective film designed specifically for Tesla Model Y vehicles. This film is applied to the exterior panels of the vehicle to shield them from scratches, chips, and other forms of damage. With its clear and transparent finish, the film seamlessly blends in with the car's paint and maintains its pristine appearance. The advanced technology used in this film ensures long-lasting protection against environmental elements and everyday wear and tear. Give your Tesla Model Y the ultimate protection it deserves with Tesla Y panels paint protection film.

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This is very large package for your Tesla Y ,we will ship the panels the same as pictures,we used the top quality material, 6 years outdoor and 10 years indoor works,

our material benefits is , UV Protection ,Self Healing ,Anti yellowing 

the package included!

1: Full hood 2: full front bumper 3: headlights 4: side mirrors 5: A pillars L&R 6: Fenders L&R 7: Full doors 8: Full door handles 9: front doors edge guards, 10: Front door panels L&R, 11: Rear door panels edge Guards L&R 12: Splash kit, 13: Bumper back, 14: Bumper back full, 15: doors full pillars L&R 16: Hatch Bottom Full, 17: Hatch Middle full, 18: Hatch Top full, 19: QTR Panel L&R 20: front Splash L&R,