Ceramic Coating Service

Ceramic Coating Service

Awesome product! Makes your car look like new again and makes washing a lot easier! Highly recommended!!!!

  • Never Wax Again
  • 9H Hardness
  • Super Hydrophobic
  • Lasts Up To 5 Years
  • Extreme Hardness for an Additional Layer of Abrasion Resistance
  • Permanent Protection from the Environment
  • Twice as Hydrophobic as Traditional Wax
  • Withstands Heat Up To 1,800°C
  • Protects from UV Damage, Acid Rain & Bird Droppings

For long lasting our method 2 layer Coating for the best result !

Estimate time to finish the job 1 or 2 business days ! (Because first we have to detail and polish your car and next step Ceramic Coating for the best result ! 

Car $1,000 | SUV $1,250